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Keep your customers informed! Reach your customers anytime and anywhere. Make your message stand-out from the spam clutter of the email realm. Notify your customer when their order is delivered or bill is due.

  • No Installation Required
  • No Credits Expiry
  • Web Based Application and Reporting
  • No Set Up Fees
Features Built-in
  • Global Coverage Reach millions of mobile subscribers at anytime and anywhere.
  • Unicode Support Send your SMS in any languages.
  • Import Contact in Excel List your contacts in Excel file, import and send SMS in one single click.
  • Personalised SMS Send personalise SMS with unique information such as name, mobile number, address and more.
  • SMS Scheduling Smoothly schedule broadcasts for marketing campaigns at predetermined times.
  • SMS Group Messaging Blast SMS to your selected group.
  • Reporting Log Manage to see your bulk SMS delivery status.
  • Event Listing Displays the scheduled events or non-scheduled events that have been sent to receivers.
  • Low Credit Alert You will get an alert when your current credit are lower than the Alert Notification Credit that has been set.
  • API Integration
Pricing + Coverage
Pay As You Go!

Carrier: Celcom, Maxis, Digi, UMobile

  • SMS Count
    Price per SMS
    Selling Price
  • SMS Count1,000
    Price per SMSRM0.11
    Selling PriceRM110
  • SMS Count3,000
    Price per SMSRM0.10
    Selling PriceRM300
  • SMS Count5,000
    Price per SMSRM0.09
    Selling PriceRM450
  • SMS Count10,000
    Price per SMSRM0.085
    Selling PriceRM850
  • SMS Count30,000
    Price per SMSRM0.085
    Selling PriceRM2,550
  • SMS Count50,000
    Price per SMSRM0.082
    Selling PriceRM4,100
  • SMS Count100,000
    Price per SMSRM0.078
    Selling PriceRM7,800
  • SMS Count300,000
    Price per SMSRM0.075
    Selling PriceRM22,500
  • SMS Count500,000
    Price per SMSRM0.073
    Selling PriceRM36,500


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