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A Powerful Asset Management Package Providing The Ultimate in Asset Tracking and Control!


InCoAsset, an asset management solution that is robust and highly user-friendly, with rich functionality and support real time multi-users and multi-offices environment. The system aims to assist organisation to better manage the allocation, distribution and productive use of its assets. InCoAsset facilitates the management of assets with the objective of capturing information on assets and the tracking of the assets through the entire assets life cycle of asset registration, assignment or allocation, transfer and eventually maintenance. Assets are uniquely identified through the use of user-assigned asset tag numbers, which may be generated on barcode
labels for subsequent scanning by portable laser terminals.

Efficiency in Operation

No matter how well you manage the operations of your company, if your assets are not under control, you are bound to incur costs and lose money. IncoAsset‘s powerful real-time management capabilities and sophisticated reporting tools give you the insight to proactively manage your asset with ease and confident. It is a comprehensive system that can track, produce exceptional reports, managing asset movement and keeping track of the economical life of an asset, thus, dramatically improve the efficiency of your operation and reduce response time.


Minimize Cost

IncoAsset has the ability to track the whole life cycle of an asset. At a glance, vital maintenance information such as repair history, service contract and warranties can easily be obtained and determined whether such asset has over-reached its economical life span. Therefore, decision can be efficiently made with expediency as to whether to assign proper resources, or determinate the life cycle of the asset, thereby reducing the holding and support costs.


Why Choose InCoAsset Solution?

- Affordable and reasonable selling price.
- Simplifies identifying, locating and tracking all assets, from computers to
  general office equipment to furniture.
- Get your company’s asset profile with a touch of one button
- Understand the state of utilized assets over a specific period of time byre
  sources audit.
- Get accurate information on resources to help your facility team know the
  assets to be put to use.
- Analyze your assets at any level, from high level standards to individual
  components - to fill the gap of your internal asset management processes.
- Track the complete history of assets listed by you in terms of supplier
  details, warranty details, servicing records, etc.
- Enterprise-wide tracking of assets, using almost any barcode type and even
  long, alphanumeric codes.
- Integrated support of hand held portable data collection terminal with built-
  in laser scanner and software for full data portability and synchronization.
- Use alerts to remind users of possible data missing or errors.
- Maintain a complete and secure audit trail of all transactions.
- Export data to Microsoft Excel, Text, HTML & PDF format.


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