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WHY You Should Be Using SMS Marketing?

90% of text messages are read within 10 seconds based on research statistics. Why? A typical human behaviour would take a glance at their phone upon receiving an alert. They might not look into it, but the 2-3 seconds taken to look into the notification is sufficient for users to tell the content of the text message. Now you might think, what does it mean for text messages open rates? Well, a pretty noteworthy 98%. In 2019, people are constantly checking their phones, a device close to them. It is to bare minimal rate that they would miss a notification posted directly to their mobile phones.

With many marketers strategizing contents for email marketing to potentially reach out to their prospective clients, rates of opening of text messages still greatly surpasses emails, which hovers around only 20% of open rates. The frustration of promotional emails is greatly shown here. People would think that getting loads of spam mail is frustrating, but this is the lesser of the case when it comes to text messaging(SMS).

How To Effectively Use SMS Marketing?

Say if you have a pool of 100,000 customers that you wish to inform about your new promotional package. How would you blast this information to them? Options are, you would consider using company’s website, Facebook messenger, email promotions, or using text messages(SMS blast). Comparing these mechanisms, which methods are the most effective?

If the promotional package is blasted through 100,000 emails, chances are, customers would think of it as a spam mail. A mobile application can be used to send push notifications, but how many of the 100,000 customers would download and retain your application? As digital marketers, we often talk about responsive web design, SEOs, and strategic email marketing, but SMS Marketing is still one of the most underutilized tools.

Some of my clients tend to assume that conveying information through text messages(SMS) is an outdated mechanism, some claiming that there is no result produced due to spamming. I would say the result of the mechanism depends on your approach. Spam messages are categorized into two different approach, giveaway or promotion.

Giveaway : “Stand a chance to win an iPhone X while you go on your trip to Seoul”

Promotion : “50% discount on Seoul trip travel package”

The giveaway approach in text messages(SMS) is an effective approach. Imagine receiving a text message with the content: “Prize: Brand New Mercedes Benz”. This boils down to the importance of the first few words in your promotional message. It determines the opening rate of the message. From there, you can then provide a website link allowing users further look through detailed instructions or even register their interests. In 2019, if you’re still looking for digital marketing tools, SMS Marketing can be considered. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and insights for Bulk SMS Solutions in Malaysia.

5 Reasons Why SMS is NOT an Outdated Method

Quickly and directly reach out to your potential customers. SMS is the most straightforward method to directly reach customers. API Integration allows message to be easily delivered and viewed instantly.

Engaging customers on a personal level. Best way to send coupons, special deals, announcements, events to customers. You are not only speaking directly to them for promotion, but also engaging in a personal level.

Greatest reach around the world. Think about it, 95% of adults worldwide owns a mobile phone. Moreover, it requires no internet for both sending and receiving text messages allowing it to work on all phones.

Immediate feedback received from customers. Two methods can be used, by including a reply code as well as a link to a website landing page. Set up a text message marketing and expect to have hundreds of feedback within minutes.

Cheapest way to reach customers directly. Cheapest SMS bulk prices are provided by SMS bulk companies in Malaysia due to the low Malaysia SMS prices.

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