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Are You Guilty Of Phubbing?

Phone + snubbing = phubbing, a new urban problem!
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is quite a phubber, even when his wife(Priscilla Chan) is around.

What’s Phubbing?

Staying glued to your cell phone and not paying attention to the company that you are in is called phubbing (phone+snubbing). The Urban Dictionary terms it as snubbing someone in favour of your mobile phone. This new “urban problem” has given birth to a Stop Phubbing page on social networking sites.

Still confused or wondering whether you have phubbed someone? Here are a few symptoms to give you a clearer picture. And if any two of the points make you go “that’s me” then you are a deadly phubber!

Have you suddenly laughed out loud in the company of friends (looking at your mobile phone, of course) and been instantly subjected to what-the-hell expressions?

Do you check your phone and frequently say “sorry, where were we” to a colleague?

In a movie hall do you constantly WhatsApp, Facebook or tweet and then ask your friend what you missed?

Phubbing stats

- An average restaurant sees 36 cases of phubbing per dinner session.
- 97 per cent of people claim their food tasted worse while being a victim of phubbing.
- 92 per cent of repeat phubbers go on to become politicians.
- 87 per cent of teens would rather communicate via text than face-to-face.
- Mumbai is among the top 10 phubbing hot spots!

According to Oxford Dictionary, word of the year for 2013 goes to “Selfie”, a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media.

Yet, there are a couple more words that are not far behind the top list of words. “Phubbing” is one of them.

There are questions about how the rise of mobile technology has benefit and ruined the society at the same time.

Since communications has become digital through mobile apps such as, Whatsapp, Wechat and Line, interactions between human has been neglected often.

The worst scenario is chatting with the person in front of you using mobile applications instead of face-to-face interactions. There are even societies in Australia started a campaign called, “Stop Phubbing” , to stop the Australian society being dragged into this madness.

Everything comes in two sides. So, which side do you stand for?


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