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Flapping Without Wings

Since the launch of this new game, Flappy bird, it has roof to the top of the charts in both Google Play Store and App Store in a short a mount of time. However, it was sad to say that those who wanted to join the Flappy party has been late and all over. It has been officially remove from both stores. You can only get to have a taste of the game from the millions of downloaders that have downloaded it.
On February 8th 2014, the producer, Dong Nguyen announced on Twitter that in 22 hours, he will remove Flappy Bird from Google Play Store and App Store. And so he did, the game was nowhere to be found after that. What remains was a legacy of imitation of this game, the closest was said to be Splashy Fish.
The taste of game for Mobile User has been mysterious and challenging. From Candy Crush to Clash of Clans, whether it was on Andriod or IOS platform, mobile users find it hard to let loose on these kind of games, which some involves in-app purchase.
The fact that you tap to keep the bird flapping over pipes was so darned hard and the estimated timing of the high trajectory on the bird flopping down from a high drop was not easy. It is so hard to get past by just five pipes of the game, yet it was so made so addictive and lucrative for the developer.
On a viewer’s perspective, gamers had been so fed up on in-app purchase free games, which you get a game for free and find it difficult to get pass through until you reluctantly pay for extra. The dominance of in-app purchase games has reached a high note, and at the same time, got annoyed by gamers.
Hence, when Flappy Bird first came out on, it doesn’t bold well. However, due to gamers who were annoyed by in-app purchase games, they started to get attention on the start of 2014. This 2D retro style game has somewhat been using the ad-supported model, which has achieved wondrous result over the course. Despite its difficulty in controlling, it brought up something that we were so addicted to, once again after all these years.
Despite a mixed review on this game, it eventually came to an end now. But the concept behind it was brought up to enlighten the developers on what is the next move they should do in developing and investing more onto free ad-supported games.
Although this is the end for Flappy Bird for now, still it left a big loop hole for developers to imitate and using the same concept of the game to continue its legacy. Furthermore, this is certainly not the end for Dong Nguyen. Gamers will be waiting and eager to anticipate another of his game. If worst comes to worst, he can just let Flappy Bird fly again with its wings…

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