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At 360 Interactive we offer you a full range of services to meet your needs and requirements. Our package covers the entire designing process from the concept to completion and would meet all your requirements as well as your budget for the logo design.

Did you know logo is the face of our company? Logo seems easy to create but did you know the tricks to create the best logo design? Which logo works in reality world? Designing logo needs a good guideline in order to produce a good design that can symbolize our identity in a single glance, as first impression is important to gain loyalty and trustworthy from the customer. This is why we are here for you to help you design and create logo for your company. With the help of our magic tool, complete logo design cycle, it will facilitate and guide us to keep in track of what we are doing including the experience that we have, we can guarantee you that we’ll deliver to you a good products and services that meet your requirement and expectation. What you ask is what you get! 360 Interactive is providing a multidimensional design for trendy and tremendous logo with attractive concepts. We are considering many aspects of requirement by creating the best design that meets your expectation.

  • Brain Storming of client needs and requirement
  • Research
  • Propose logo sketching with multiples design and ideas
  • Expand idea and design in digital format
  • Finalized chosen logo
Sketching logo is proposed with multiple designs and ideas that helps client to choose and make decision on which kind of design that really interests and attracts them.
The idea is expanded in various designs with multiple options provided, and then the design is transform in digital format to visualize the design.
The final touch up that makes the final artworks a remarkable art piece to deliver to the client.
Package 1
  • Black & White Logo
  • Mono Color
  • Preference : Newspaper, Gray scale printing
  • RM 1,000
Package 2
  • 2D Colored Logo
  • Colored Logo
  • Preference : Magazine, Flyers, Books
  • RM 1,500

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