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If “You Who Came From the Stars” are view in video tapes

Everyone has their certain routine on doing things, so do I. Tuesdays are always my favourite. I will have a long day at University until 7pm. But, I will be very excited after class, as I was so eager to rush back home and watch Running Man, a Korean variety show, which aired on every Monday and will be available for streaming on Tuesday. As far as I have noticed, there is nothing wrong in streaming online, until last week, a sudden request from my mum: “I want to watch You Who Came From the Stars, can we watch it online together?” I was startled for a second there. My mum, who always said that it was a waste of time facing the internet everyday, suddenly want to stream a hot-cake Korean Series which just finished two weeks ago. That, is not the main reason I was startled, it was how well informed she is, even though the main medium she got was from either newspapers or gossiping with aunties. It was hard for me to not thinking back on the days when we are still using recording tapes for movies and series. All these while when I was streaming, I never gave a good thought on that. Nonetheless, it was just normal to stream online in this current era, whether it was sports, movies, dramas or other programs. Traditional Multimedia was trying their best to catch up on Online Multimedia. Cinemas and DVDs are going to be replaced by Online Streaming Platforms. News was forced to go more on Online Updates or Evening Edition. Rise of Online Streaming Platforms It all started from Video Clips. Online Platforms such as YouTube and Dailymotion were given a virtual space for users to upload video clips online. Sooner or later, it gains viewership and famous over the Internet. Now, YouTube was being known as the best Internet platform to promote songs, video clips, and even movies. Since the rise of China Market Industry, Online Viewing Platform in China, such as Sohu, Youku and LETV has been on the rise. But there is a certain glitch behind it. YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are not supported in China. Instead, they replaced it with Youku, RenRen and Weibo. In China, they have set territory limitation for viewers. So as long as you are not in Mainland China, you cannot stream or view the Movies and Drama series. All of the streaming platforms always earned through advertising revenue. They will have advertisements in between the clips. If you wish to eliminate the advertisements, you can joined in as a member or subscribe the webpage. As for the United States, their drama series also will be put in online streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon. Similar to China, some of them will set the territory for streaming. But most of them are earning revenue via subscription. The main difference from China Streaming Business is that they are trying to combine every single multimedia into one portal. For an example, Netflix has a new variety program on teaching viewers on decoration that was very famous in the US. Therefore, Netflix are trying to benefit subscribers to subscriber in one platform and gain a variety of programs. Will Traditional Multimedia Survive? This is a question that, I’m afraid no one could answer it. Based on the current situation, Cinema has a higher percentage of surviving as we are striving for the sound effects. As for CD, DVD and Blue-Ray Disks are going to be obsolete in no time. Perhaps, Movies and Drama series can be watch on home via devices, such as Apple TV, transmitting information into your TV. Back to where my mum requesting me to watch the Korean Drama online, we did streaming it online. But I have a different feeling from all the time that I stream programs online. It was a mixture of feelings on exited on the future ways on watching movies and dramas, as well as bitterness towards the DVD decoders and racks of CDs, DVDs, and Blue-Ray Disks…

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