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The Future of Wearable Technology

Wearable technology on Dezeen

Have you ever wondered why Tony Stark, or Ironman, has such advance technology that was out of our minds? A simple drag and toss gestures could move holograms into a vicious space for modification and ramification. This is the future that we are looking forward to. Nope, I’m sorry, to rephrase what I had said just now, this is the future that we are striving towards.

Back into the early 20th Century, the era of wars, Nuclear was considering a huge leap for the technology and defense industry. Fast forward to the 21st Century, where domination of democratic countries brings civilization up into a whole new level, war is not the only way to solve problems. We use diplomatic relations to maintain a good relationship within countries.

In the year 2008, a mass breakout of Smartphones had dominated the Mobile and Technology industry with the effort of Steve Jobs in his new Apple product, iPhone 4. That did not last until the death of Steve Jobs. Then comes in a new competitor, Samsung, to dominate the mobile industries with Galaxy S Series. The latest product was Note 3 with a watch that was inter-connected with the mobile device.

In the year 2013, scientist and professionals all agreed that it was the rise of wearable technology. Yet, mobile technology still dominates the market industry. There are scientist predict that we are using watch as a mobile tech in the near future. That is why we can see that Samsung had some beta tested on their new Note 3 compatible with a smart watch.

However, their predictions became more solidified by Google, which came out with the new Google Glass, a new breakthrough for wearable technology. Since its beta version was out, the reception was preposterous. Google did a great job in taking concern for customers that was not comfortable with glasses. Therefore, they came in with another beta tester of Google Lens. This beta version was however, for a smaller purpose, to check your glucose level by using tears, suitable for diabetes users.

Now, we are looking at the beginning of lens technology. We are just on the surface of it. The future of lens technology will be using you brain, neuro-cells to control what you wanted to see in front of you, by using your lens.

Sooner or later, phones will involve into size of watches, and we will start to use hologram with our watches to make calls and pretty much what your smartphones now can do.

The current ultimate stage for scientist and technicians could predict is that in the near future, we can transmit data and messages directly through neuro-cells, by using a wearable device that depicts and emits neuro-messages. So to say is that in the near future, scientists are going to find and utilize that brain function up to a whole new level.

As we can see, the future that we are striving for is exactly like what Tony Stark has in Ironman. We are striving for a future where wearable technology will begin to dominate the market industry.

Lastly, a quote from Steve Jobs about technology and innovation, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” To be able to dominate the technology market industry, innovation becomes top priority. And so does wearable technology, a future that we are anticipating and looking forward to.


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